Sister’s One Step Forward but Two Steps Back

I was right. Mother Nature is on the prowl, sprinkling her hormonal dust on unsuspecting victims. My sister apparently got covered in it.

On the happy side of the coin… HOORAY! My sister’s finally taking baby steps forward – or should I say a plane ride to Hawaii with a guy who is NOT her douchey ex-boyfriend.

On the “erk” side of the coin… she’s taking a plane ride to Hawaii with a guy who she’s only known for three weeks.

So far, I happen to like this “Adonis”. He’s fairly liberal, Earth-loving and supposedly has a good job – which this big sister totally approves of. However, they just met and they’re already taking a Hawaiian vacation together??? To me, that smacks of a rebound relationship or something much worse. I hope she’s strong enough to deal with that and isn’t rushing into another bad relationship.

The step backward is that right after her rebound vacation, she’s taking a week to visit her ex’s family for a graduation. Très bizarre? Granted that her and the ex were together for 16 years but I don’t know of too many people who keep such close ties to their ex’s family following a bad break-up or divorce when they don’t have kids together.

You uncomfortably wave and say hi to their family when you see them in the grocery store or send them the occasional congratulations card for whatever reason, but I think staying at their home for a week is awkward for everyone. My sister obviously acknowledges it’s a little idiosyncratic because she refused to invite Adonis to join her, saying it would be strange for her ex’s family.

It’s pretty likely my sis is doing it so she can either impress his family to the point he’ll want her back -OR- it’s so she can get a glimpse of her ex if he shows up. Then they’ll have coffee at the hotel lobby they once called “their spot” and all the memories and love will come rushing back to him. They’ll get a room and make… well… I don’t want to think about that, but that’s probably what her expectations are.

The reality will more likely be if her ex does show up, he’ll show up with his new girlfriend and my sister will be back to square one again… crying… anxious… depressed.

I do understand it’s her life and she’s an adult, but I’m her big sister so I can’t help that I want to protect her. It’s been that way since we were small; however, my sister’s already made it clear what her priorities are… men.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

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