Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth!!!

Well, the game of WILL CLYDE SHOW UP OR NOT ended with a “not”. I also realized not a single person in his family would know what honesty was, even if it slapped them in their smug faces.

On Friday, I handed over the kiddies to Clyde’s sister, “Hedra”, so she could fly back with the kids to Mordor in Clyde’s place. Not surprisingly, our daughter had a panic attack while boarding the flight. When my daughter (who I’ll call “Sweet Girl”) started crying, Hedra began yelling at her in front of the other passengers and told Sweet Girl she was making a scene. She then called me on her cell-phone, screaming at me and saying I had to get my daughter on that flight.

I told the nutter to send Sweet Girl back to the front and I would come pick her up. Hedra said she couldn’t do that because Sweet Girl’s a minor and then started shouting something about my divorce decree being finalized in *Mordor*.


Then Hedra said if I knew my daughter was afraid to fly, I should have told her (which I did over a recorded phone conversation we had a week earlier). I reminded her that her brother, Clyde, was aware of all of this and this was his responsibility. She was doing this as a favor to him, not for me.

She then started saying she could lose her job. Again, I told her to send Sweet Girl back up front. That way, Hedra could fly to Mordor without her. I worked for United Airlines so I’m aware that any child over the age of 13 can walk into an airport, buy a ticket, change a ticket, and even board a plane by themselves. There was no reason why my 15-year old daughter couldn’t be trusted to find her way back through security on her own.

Hedra hung up on me so I turned my car around.

After they missed their flight, Hedra said they were renting a car and driving back to Mordor. Then Sweet Girl called and said they were getting a hotel for the night. I asked Hedra which hotel and she just kept saying she had to get the shuttle. It was obvious she didn’t want me to know where they were staying. Sweet Girl overheard the name of the hotel and told me.

I met them at the hotel and Hedra kept repeating how she could lose her job over this because she had to be to work the next day and also because Sweet Girl made a scene in the airport where the police and security were called. She talked to 2 or 3 different people on her cell phone while I was there and told them the same sob-story: “It was a nightmare. Sweet Girl was so disrespectful. I had to talk with a supervisor and security and the police were called…”

After she got off the phone, she continued to berate Sweet Girl, telling her she was so disrespectful (which is like the pot calling the kettle black) and that she can’t go around at 15 doing whatever she wants.

That’s when I finally jumped in and said, “Sweet Girl doesn’t do whatever she wants. She’s a great kid.”

Sweet Girl has never been in trouble… EVER. I’m constantly given kudos for her polite behavior. She doesn’t smoke. She doesn’t sneak out. She doesn’t drink or do drugs. She’s not even in the dating phase yet. She’s the kind of daughter that every parent hopes for.

Hedra started saying, “I would never have, at 15, told a 35-year old adult ‘no’….”
(place bullshit flag hereagain, I’ve heard stories from Clyde & Hedra’s childhoods and they were absolutely AWFUL children)

I told Hedra that Sweet Girl is perfectly capable of setting her own boundaries. That isn’t disrespectful. Crying isn’t disrespectful. Saying no to something you’re uncomfortable with doing isn’t disrespectful. She’s 15, not 5.

I’m so sick and tired of Clyde’s family shaming Sweet Girl for not obeying them like a trained dog. They’ve confused respect with total obedience.

What is disrespectful is Hedra mocking me. When we were discussing what Sweet Girl had learned in therapy, I reminded Hedra she was just their aunt and I was their mother. Hedra sarcastically laughed and rolled her eyes, mumbling “Mother…” under her breath. She did his in front of Sweet Girl, too.

At that point, I knew it was time to go.

When I got home, I called the supervisor at the airport who told me what really happened. She said that the police and security were never called. In fact, the supervisor told Hedra she couldn’t force Sweet Girl to get on the plane. It’s against her civil rights.

My ex’s family has no concept of what personal boundaries are. They exaggerate, shame, manipulate and lie with ease. I’m just amazed at how completely odd they are.

My son was excited about the hotel and wanted to spend the night there so I let him. Hedra said she would let me know the next morning what was going on. She said that Clyde was driving out to pick up the kids so they would be up to get Sweet Girl later. Sweet Girl and I waited… and waited…

I called and texted Hedra several times the next day with no answer. Finally, around noon, I called the airline to inquire about exchanging the unused tickets. That’s when I was told the tickets had already been exchanged and my son’s ticket had been used that morning. Hedra had taken off with my son at 5am without notifying me. And she has the audacity to speak of respect? She needs to buy herself a dictionary and learn what respect is.

You just can’t reason with crazy people……….

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