Dearest Amy

It’s email time! It’s email time! Woot-woot!


This is a venting blog today.

So Clyde and BlahBlah are plotting… but lucky for me, I’ve figured them out. I could even write a play-by-play book on them by now… I might even do that just for funsies!

The Gruesome-twosome are trying to paint a picture for their audience and the legal system:
Big, bad Amy is jealous of us and our love!

So in regards to that claim, here’s my response:

Um, nope. Sorry BlahBlah. I know you secretly tickle yourself to the thoughts that I’m home in bed, crying and pining over your man, but I’m not. I never did, not even for a split-second.

Clyde gave me the same kind of creepy-crawly feelings that someone gets around a child molester. I think we might have been intimate a total of two times after our 2009 marriage and the last time we “did it“, I got up and left in the middle of it all. I just couldn’t get aroused with him. It was icky.

Besides, BlahBlah, I know the types of insults you and your kids likely hear from Clyde on a daily basis. As much fun as it is to be compared to other girls or called a slut every time Clyde isn’t the center of attention, for some crazy reason…… I just don’t miss it.

I also don’t miss paying Clyde’s bills. I don’t miss dodging calls from his creditors. I don’t miss being the referee. I don’t miss finding pictures of naked teenage girls on the computer. I don’t miss the bravado. I don’t miss his constant stream of lies. I don’t miss his absurd excuses. I don’t miss dealing with his family members. I don’t miss the pit-in-my-stomach feeling when Clyde would walk through the door because I knew the boxing gloves were being put on.

I really don’t enjoy all the fighting the way you two seem to. I have no hesitation in relinquishing my crown and title to you, dearest BlahBlah. I graciously surrendered my former position a long time ago. I’ll also recite a similar observation once made by another former crown-wearer:

You two seem to feed off each others’ craziness in a totally unhealthy and bizarre way. It’s really weird to watch… like a segment on National Geographic.

Clyde only had one positive trait: he was funny… but over the years, I noticed how his humor was always directed at someone. Then I realized he wasn’t funny at all. He was just mean – mean to the core.

You know someone’s not right in their head when they have a profile name:  **h8uall;
or their favorite character is the sociopath protagonist, Yagami Light, from ‘Death Note’.

And my response to Clyde? Well, I don’t have one because there’s nothing there… not hatred… not pity… nothing; however, I will say this: You still make me laugh, but not for the same reasons as you used to. Your predictability and transparency is funnier than your personality ever was.

Sorry to bruise your ego, BlahBlah. I know you’d like to think this was all about you, but to clarify what really started this nonsense, I present:


Clyde kept texting and calling almost non-stop, wanting to go through my storage unit… unsupervised… to look for some of his missing paperwork (that ended up not being in there)

— On Fri, 3/12/10, Amy wrote:
There are new ways to request your DD 214 that don’t take the old school processing times they once did.  Google it.

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Clyde wrote:
I just want my stuff. That’s it. I was willing to go and get it without you, but you had to be all weird about it. I don’t want anything of yours, and I wasn’t going to go thru any of your stuff.
I have no problem with us going out there together. I’m not acting out-of-control, I’m just upset that you are pulling this crap AGAIN. I want this all done so that I only have to deal with you when it has something to do with the kids. That’s all. I got bolt cutters.
You said that we would do it this weekend. I’m just trying to figure out why you are being unreasonable. My DD214 was never put up on those websites. Just my resume. I have checked.

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Amy wrote:
First off, there should be very few items of yours in my storage. The only things I can think of are your television; a printer and MAYBE a junk box. Your clothes and video games are with you. There’s no guarantee that your DD-214 is even in with my paperwork. I don’t remember seeing it at my house… ever actually.
I went over there yesterday.  None of the paperwork boxes or your TV were up front where I could easily grab them. That means everything has to be pulled out. Again, as I have already said and will have to say again:  IT WILL BE AN ALL DAY PROJECT
And if you haven’t taken a look outside today…see those little white flakes?  That’s snow.
You’re just flat out trying to be difficult. You’re mad and have no one to take it out on.
If you want to continue trying to be Mr. Bigman and continue harassing me, then you can pay for half of the storage costs over this past year. I’d me more than happy to move everything out and put it all back again for $400. I think that’s very fair.
Regarding next weekend, even though you knew I had plans and were scheduled to take the kids, it’s fine. I’ll just switch things around a bit.  My friends are flexible. However, if you continue to flake on your parenting time, I will be filing child support papers with this divorce. I won’t feel sorry for you again and let you slide like I did in 2007 & 2008.

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Clyde wrote:
ALL my stuff is in there. Printer, Video games, Clothes. TV, Computer stuff, and a tub with my papers……all of it. My DD214 was in the blue accordion folder that you cleaned out to put your scrapbooking stuff in. It’s there.
I’m not trying to be difficult.
I just want my stuff. I can’t say that enough. That way we don’t have to talk at all.
I wanted to do it during the week. This could all be over and done with but you have to be difficult.
Regarding next weekend… said that you had plans on Friday. That’s fine I was planning on taking them on Friday.
Mr. Bigman? How? Have I threatened you? No. Have I demeaned you at all? No. The same can’t be said about you now can it?
I’m not mad at all. I’m actually very happy to be away from you. I have less stress, I don’t cringe every time I hear my name called, and I’m not walking on eggshells.
It’s quite liberating. I just want my stuff and to see my kids. Simple. Yet, you turned into a name calling fight like you always do.

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Amy wrote:
Then you already know the storage is a disaster zone and it’s going to take a while. There is no way whatsoever to get inside of the shed without removing half of the mountain you created. So just chill.
Regarding parenting time, I was under the assumption that I would have the kids for 2 weeks and then you were going to take them for 2 weeks.
I was going to take the kids till the 19th (2 weeks). You would have them until I came back from my duty in California (2 weeks).
So let me know what’s going on with the kids next weekend because from the text you sent Sweet Girl (I wish you’d keep her out of this), you said you weren’t taking them because you had plans.
But since we’re venting now:
It made me angry as hell watching you waste away on the bed or couch day after day while I missed out on time with my kids because I had to support everyone. You were always unshaven; messy hair; poor hygiene… cracking the same juvenile jokes day after day that absolutely drove me up the wall. Sweet Girl told you your drinking bothered her but you kept it up anyway.  The only way I could try to stop it is by taking my car keys so you couldn’t go to the store and buy more beer & wine.  I think your child telling you it’s a problem should be enough. And the kids 5 hours of school per day???  I don’t know why I placed their education in your hands to begin with knowing how little motivation you have and the fact that you didn’t even have enough drive to complete your own education… or even just finish the 2 classes you had.
I absolutely hated knowing that I was the reason you had a place to even sleep at night. That’s why I never bothered you when you left for the weekends. It was relaxing for me, too.
I think everyone agrees it’s more peaceful when we’re apart. No argument there.

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Clyde wrote:
I do have plans. Luckily I have understanding friends also, so whatever.
I still need my DD214s. I looked online. You can apply for them online, but they still have to mail them to you.
So now we are venting. K well, I’m going to describe someone.
Always on the computer.
extra marital relationships.
providing for the children financially but not emotionally.
Treating the spouse like crap in front of the children.
Can you tell me who I’m talking about?

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Amy wrote:
Huh? Are you serious?
EVERY TIME I walked in the door, you were on your computer so don’t play that garbage with me.  I even used to tell my mom & sister on my drive home from work:  “I bet Clyde’s laying in bed, on his computer….. again….” and then send them a picture of the situation when I walked in the door.
I was never wrong.
And I never called you an asshole in front of the kids… but I’ve heard “bitch” and “fuck off” more times than I’d like to remember… not to mention the slamming of doors just so everyone is so totally aware of the fact that you’re upset.
#2 – Extramarital affairs???  Not this time around.  Nice try though. We both knew of our past indiscretions before we exchanged vows last year. Plus, I love how MY extramarital stuff counts but yours doesn’t. Funny how that works.
#3 – I know all about my short-comings and try to fix what I can to make my kids happy. Sweet Girl & I already have a counseling session set for next week. Another step I’ve managed to take that you never have. That’s all I have to say about that.
So when exactly ARE you taking the kids?

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Clyde wrote:
I was actually talking about my dad, but I’m glad you made the connection.
My friends ____ & ____ made the connection.
You never ever canceled your myspace and you started talking to all your little fuck buddies on facebook even after I voiced that I didn’t want you to.
So the affairs were in the past, then all the “Bitch” and “Fuck Off”‘s should be there too.
That hasn’t happened since we “reconciled”, so get off your high horse.

— On Sat, 3/13/10, Amy wrote:
Oooh ~ well, if twice-divorced ___ and never-been-married ___ said so…… who am I to argue? LMAO
YOUR friends and YOUR side of the story. Go figure.
Here’s another thing your dad & I have in common:  Neither of us care anymore.
So back to the IMPORTANT matters and something I’ve asked you about 3 times already:
When are you taking the kids?
If the old schedule we had worked out has changed, I need to know.


Okay, okay… so maybe the comment about Clyde’s dad not caring was a little harsh.
It was true, but harsh nonetheless.
I was simply fed up with Clyde’s ridiculous accusations over the years.
I look back now and find it funny that he was accusing me of having extra-marital affairs DURING THE SAME TIME he’s having an extra-marital affair with another married woman!
Ah, the hilarious irony.
But TAA-DAA!!!
That is why we have the messy divorce in front of us now.
Clyde’s tactic backfired. I knew his relationship with his father was a touchy subject.
I took a swing at the manipulation he was trying to throw at me and it ended up smacking him in his face.
Clyde never did respond to that last email…
That’s what happens when you finally see through a narcissist’s act and stand up to them.
They’ll first try to regain control through shame or fear. If that fails, they stew in their anger and plot their revenge…



  1. or cower in the corner like a child so as to guilt and then deny everything…

    • My daughter would laugh hysterically at this comment and wholly agree with you!

      • yes it is almost humorous and true lol

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