One Year Later…

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression, first make sure you’re not surrounded by assholes…” – author unknown

Clyde & I finally made it to court. Things did not start off on the right foot but I kept my composure. When the ruling was in my favor, BlahBlah was so angry that she stormed out of the courtroom before the judge finished speaking and Clyde’s mother and sister moaned through the entire hearing. Completely disrespectful, like they were on reality TV or an episode of Jerry Springer. The only two times Clyde spoke, nothing but lies came out of his mouth. I didn’t object, I just let Clyde dig his own grave. I’ve learned how to pick my battles. The more reasonable I am, the less reasonable he appears. Besides, the more rope you give to a liar, the more likely they are to hang themselves.

I’ve learned that if I don’t expect anything but deceit from a pathological person, I’m not caught off-guard when the acting starts. I end up laughing rather than getting upset over their blatant dishonesty and predictability.

When I saw Clyde in the courtroom, I didn’t even recognize him. He was a stranger. I didn’t feel animosity, or anger, or longing, or fear or… well… anything at all. It was like seeing a shell of a person. It’s so weird for me to look back and know he was the husband I lived with for more than 14 years. It’s even difficult to recall the depression I experienced for such a long time, when I lived with Clyde. I was in such a passive, survival state… such a fog… That life seems so long ago now, like it was a distant dream.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come since then. I’m extremely happy… happier than I’ve ever been. Romantic relationships aren’t anywhere on my list of priorities. I’m 150% okay with being “alone”. I’ve cut down on the amount of time I spend online and I’ve deleted nearly all of my social networking pages. I’m more at peace than what I thought was possible. Karma does work but you’ve got to give her space. She knows what she’s doing. Just be patient. Good things come to those who wait, and you definitely don’t need a “Prince Charming” in order to live happily ever after. If you’re dealing with a pathological person, remember the Golden Rule: NO CONTACT.

Relationships, even family ones, are a privilege… not a right.

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