Wait, it’s 2015 already?

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on here that I don’t even know how to create a post anymore.

So I started off my New Year with jumping in an ice cold lake ~ something I was finally able to check off my bucket list. Sweet Girl is doing wonderful in school and Happy Boy is still unwaveringly happy. His smile and laugh are contagious. Life is just plain great. I truly couldn’t be a prouder parent.

Yeah, okay, so I know you’re not on here so see how great things are going but hopefully this shows that life is full of its ups and downs, and you’d never realize how good it is unless you had a few downs. Keep that in mind when things get bleak.

DRAMA (the part you’re really here to read about)

So we left off in March 2013 where nothing really came of our trial or contempt hearing. To sum it up, we walked into the courtroom, judge looked over the case and basically implied “You two, grow up.”

That summer (2013), Sweet Girl turned 16 and marched herself down the courthouse to get an Order for Protection against Clyde with help from her domestic violence counselor. FINALLY! No more threats from Clyde, right?

Ha ha! WRONG.

Clyde fought Sweet Girl’s petition (and lost again).
Clyde then filed a petition to gain custody of Happy Boy.

The whole fiasco was frivolous. Clyde openly admitted in chambers that he didn’t really want custody, but once you learn and understand the family court system, you also understand that there are few consequences for just plain being a dick.

Clyde walked in the courtroom with NOTHING. Not one bloody paper or piece of evidence. It was a joke.

For trial, I had to take a half of week off from work; fly 1,000 miles to attend an unnecessary court hearing and spend $2,500 that I didn’t have in attorney’s fees, but that apparently didn’t occur to crazy Clyde who actually had the nerve to walk up to me after trial, put his hand on my shoulder and, in a soft voice, say: “If you ever need anything at all, you know where I am.”

(Just another laughable WTF?! moment brought to you by Clyde)

But I also walked out with an air-tight parenting plan. So all in all, it cost me about $2,500 to fight an unnecessary court battle; however, I got an order that finally settled everything. No more vague provisions and the Judge clearly said “I don’t want to see you two back in my courtroom.”

Now when Clyde tries to change things up, I just point to the section of our parenting plan that addresses the issue, politely smile and then walk away.


When I received an email from “Clyde” that completely ignored our parenting schedule. The email said he wanted to take Happy Boy over my birthday… again, for the 4th consecutive year… outside of Clyde’s scheduled visitation.

So, apparently Clyde and Blah Blah are bored again because they pull some stunt every Spring, like clockwork. I was just hoping we’d finally skip a year; however, it appears the couple’s counseling isn’t working and they need something exciting to keep their mundane relationship alive.

(((((( heavy sigh ))))))

Clyde and I already discussed summer plans in private so I know this is actually Blah Blah writing… again.

I just hope this isn’t the start of more courtroom bullshit, but you never know with people like that…… because as the saying goes:

“Misery loves company”



  1. Atf

    Your website only cements the idea that my ex is/was a sociopath. I could write volumes about our 10 month marriage, a PPO, Permanent orders, appeals, etc.., etc, on and on and on. It’s like we were married to the same guy or something! But now I know that these kinds of people exists for real..
    I’m at that point in my post divorce days dealing with his (threat only) appeals and crap. I’ll end up having to get a judgement against him and then wage garnishing because he won’t follow the orders of the court.
    He has destroyed my personal belongings and. Driven up my attorney fees into the tens of thousand of dollars. Harassed, threatens, manipulated, intimidated, etc…. NOW the courts have ordered HIM to pay up. He has to pay me back for the tens of thousands of dollars on personal property he just felt like ruining, I eventually secured a PPO against him. And he has to pay back 90% of my attorney fees for wasting her time in dealing with his daily threats and intimidation. He has gone to jail for violating the PPO. It had zero effect.
    Right now he is in contempt of court for non-payment and disregard to the courts orders…. I could go on and on and on.
    Fortunately I have no kids with this “thing” but he does have two boys with his first wife and I CANNOT imagine that horrible scenario. It’s bad enough being associated with a sociopath and being his victim it’s another thing all together having your kids having to “look up” to this “dad”. The oldest just went away to school this year and FINALLY can get away from this guy but it’s his younger one that I worry about. He has no chance of seeing things normally. He’s completlry controlled by this guy. How do these kids know how to properly navigate through life with this kind of parent?
    I just wanted to say that it is unfortunate to meet on a site like this yet I can’t help but feel so incredibly relieved knowing that there are others like him. Exactly! Everything! I count my blessings that I am tied to him no longer. I just can’t imagine having to deal with him the rest of your children’s lives! I admire your bravery. Sometimes when I read your posts I can still see a little control he still has over you and it made me realize that it must take an awfully long time to trust or believe in any one ever again, especially your own choices. I hope I do. I would love to meet a normal man with human rationale and compassion and just plain nice. I never seem to get those kind. I don’t know why. I’m a very good person and people like me a lot. It’s like you said, the narcs just sniff me out.

  2. I sympathize with your plight! The best advice I was given was #1) Do some geographical relocation therapy (it really does work wonders for your sanity)… #2) Don’t date for at least one year — but in my case, I’ve gone much longer and I question ever being in another relationship again. I just don’t see the benefits (especially when I hear everyone else’s drama or my neighbors constantly arguing). As far as children involved, there’s not much you can do but give them the tools to figure it out on their own. I actually think it’s better they have SOME contact with their pathological parent because they can see the parent’s craziness with their own eyes instead of having some false idealistic fantasy about what type of person their parent is. Kids are much more intelligent and aware than adults give them credit for. Start trusting your instincts. Hugs!

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