Here come the Cray-crays!

We’ve been back to court again. This time, Clyde filed an objection to his past due child support and tried to claim that we were living together during the time in question. Ugh.

I wonder if his version of reality looks like something created by Picasso?

Just like before, he showed up in court with nothing – absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support his arguments (and lies). Not a voided check. Not a signed lease. Not even an ATM withdrawal that would coincide with when rent is paid.

Not surprisingly, he lost.

I’m fairly certain it’s just more harassment instigated by Clyde’s new nutty wife who seems to have a bigger obsession with me than even he does. I swear she initiates court action just so I’ll have to fly back to Mordor so she can get a good look at me to see if I’ve put on weight or been disfigured in some way.

(And I’m happy to continually disappoint her)

The only thing worse dealing with than a narcissistic sociopath is dealing with their enabling mother and/or new partner. They become the dynamic duo (or trio) of cuckoo-land.

Now Blah-Blah has started up with the threatening emails again, pretending to be Clyde. When I read their emails, I always unconsciously raise an eyebrow and then blurt out the “WTF?” type of laugh. It’s almost like they think they can pick which court order they want to follow. It’s so hard to be cordial and bite my tongue when I really want to say, “You two are absolutely off-the-wall insane!”

I’m so tired of dealing with them. It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s no longer interesting or entertaining ~ reading their emails is like stepping into Bizzaro-World.

I thought getting a new, air-tight parenting plan would end all of this craziness but they’re insatiable. They NEED to fight and cause drama… and I have at least another 4-6 years of dealing with their warped version of reality.

Serenity now!

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