Parenting with a Sociopath

So to keep the peace and stop the crazy e-mails, I agreed to let Clyde take Happy Boy outside of his scheduled parent-time for the summer. What did I get in return?
Typical Clyde behavior.

I’d already purchased Happy Boy a non-refundable plane ticket to Mordor for the summer but Clyde insisted on driving 1,000 miles from Mordor to here, which doesn’t make any logical sense.

Why pay to drive when a ticket is already paid for???

I found out later Clyde probed Happy Boy for information and tried to find out where we lived to do the creepy drive-by-her-house routine. It sounds juvenile unless you’re dealing with someone who has arrested emotional development.

But I digress…..

Back to the topic of summer visitation. Clyde’s rules are that we’re not allowed to talk to Happy Boy unless Clyde’s next to him, whispering what to say. Clyde hides Happy Boy’s cellphone and won’t even allow him to text us.

Clyde tries to make it appear like he’s hiding something to instigate a response from me. When Clyde started to restrict our communication with Happy Boy, I told Clyde I’d simply write Happy Boy letters for the remainder of the summer.

I’ve learned it’s best to just ignore it. It eventually passes.

BUT this is exactly why you should never give in or be nice to a sociopath.
They’re like toddlers. You can’t reason with them. It’s figuratively equal to negotiating with a 2-year old. If you’re nice, you’re going to be seen as weak and punched in the stomach in return. They take, take, take and the only thing they give back is chaos……. and they’re always trying to start some type of conflict.


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