Happy Boy “accidentally” left a T-shirt in Mordor over summer break, which was a perfect excuse for Clyde to send a care package to Happy Boy, labeled “in care of Amy”.

Mr. & Mrs. Crazy moved over the summer without notification and, in their typical baiting fashion, they put their return address in extra large print — I’m sure hoping to start drama.

Alas, I care not.

They also included beef ramen in their package, with the knowledge that eating beef is against my religion – a super passive-aggressive move.

We simply tossed it out.

And finally, Clyde & Blah-Blah included a letter to Happy Boy, worded and formatted nearly identical to the letters Sweet Girl & I sent to Happy Boy over the summer.
Clyde even tried to include a private joke….. but apparently the joke was so private that even Happy Boy had no idea what it meant.

Obviously the inside jokes Happy Boy and I share drive Clyde crazy because he tried to copycat it in his letter… and failed miserably. Clyde doesn’t know or understand Happy Boy at all.

Another glaring sign of a sociopathic mind: The unimaginative copycat.


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