Merry Freaking Christmas, With Love ~ Narcissist Dad

Over the years, Clyde constantly took me to court because Sweet Girl refused to visit him. He played the “My ex-wife is evil and I’m just the victim” card with different judges and attorneys. He kept arguing that Sweet Girl should be forced to visit him or else their father-daughter relationship would be forever damaged.

In the summer of 2014, Clyde testified to a judge (with a single crocodile tear running down his cheek) that he had changed and just wanted a relationship with Sweet Girl.

*Fast-forward 18 months later*
Sweet Girl turned 18 and guess how often Clyde’s tried to contact her since she became a legal adult?
Nada — Bagel— 0 times.

But wait a minute! He was soooooo serious about being a good dad. What in the world changed?

Well, Sweet Girl’s not a minor anymore. Clyde can’t use her to create drama in our custody battle. Thus, he’s written her off.

Anyway, this year for Christmas, Clyde finally mailed Happy Boy a present. It’s the first Christmas gift Clyde has ever sent:  a Kindle tablet…….. but he included nothing at all for Sweet Girl. A nice little slap-in-the-face. I messaged Clyde and said we have two children and I find it in very poor taste to send only one of them a gift for a family holiday.

His response?

“I’m not going to send a present to someone I haven’t talked to in 5 years. It doesn’t matter who it is.”

Yes, underneath all the lies and manipulation, that’s the father he really is. That’s the Clyde I know. Especially when he’s not showing off for the courts or in-laws.

He’s quite different when his audience shrinks and his agenda changes.




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