My fake profiles didn’t get any hits for a few months so I started to think that maybe I was wrong. Maybe Clyde and BlahBlah had moved on. Maybe I was just being paranoid.

Then, about a month ago… viola! The gruesome twosome finally reared their ugly heads.
Apparently, it just took them a while to find me.

What I posted must have gotten to one of them because the day they registered as having viewed my profiles is the same day I got another crazy email from BlahBlah. The email talked about me being wrong about the visitation dates for summer and railed against our parenting plan again. This is the fourth or fifth summer they’ve tried to take Happy Boy over my birthday; however, our new parenting plan squashes that.

Clyde and I agreed to the dates a couple of months ago but Clyde doesn’t always tell BlahBlah when we communicate. BlahBlah then wrote to me using his email and pen-name, only to find out Clyde and I already talked about it without her involvement.

The even funnier part is the bait I set out.

The lovey-dovey pictures and family videos were only viewed one time each; however, there’s also a video with me and another man which was viewed over and over again. I’m guessing that was Clyde trying to figure out who this mystery man is because I doubt BlahBlah would care that much about me and some other guy from a decade ago.

Anyway, we only have three more circus-filled summers. Yay! Then Clyde and BlahBlah will have to find some new form of drama. I already have my retirement clock set to the day Happy Boy turns 18.

It has been aptly dubbed “Freedom Day.”

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